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Agile2012 Keynote Speakers:          Joe Justice          Dr. Sunita Maheshwari          Robert Sutton

We are honored to host three unique leaders who exemplify Agility as a mindset, and bring deep experience and understanding of Agile as a culture.  Learn how they apply Agile practices, principles, processes and tools throughout their cycles of success.

Joe Justice: Managing a collaborative multi-national team in real time



"We have found team morale to be a multiplier for velocity."
" The Agile Manifesto applies to all industries. When we read it and its 12 principles, and switch each mention of "software" with "customer visible value", we have an elegant methodology that applies to all business."

Joe Justice is a Seattle-area agile business process consultant and entreprenerd. He has been a full time client-facing software consultant all of his professional life, building Agile teams and practices enterprise-wide.  He is the founder and CEO of WIKISPEED, a green automotive prototyping company that uses Agile methods to build cars. A registered automotive manufacturer since 2006, WIKISPEED is an all-volunteer distributed Agile/Lean/Scrum team — members contribute their work from various locations and iteratively enhance the cars every 7 days.
- His story was recently featured in Forbes.
- Joe just started Crowd Funding for the Open Source, 100MPG, Comfy Commuter Car
- Want to get involved, or joint he team?.

Joe’s team tied for 10th place in the mainstream class of the 2010 Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, a $10 million challenge for 100+ MPG automobiles. WIKISPEED now uses agile processes to solve problems for social good. Joe has spoken to audiences at TEDx, Denver University, University of California Berkley, Google, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rotary International, and others about social web application development, project methodology, and agile best practices. He is CEO of WIKISPEED and works at SolutionsIQ, a leading provider of Agile consulting, certified training, coaching, development, and Agile talent services, where he helps clients leverage Agile project management and team development methods to deliver solutions more reliably.

Managing a collaborative multi-national team in real time. Attend this amazing Keynote with Joe Justice, and see just how cool Agile can be. Find out what happens when a consultant with mad Agile skills starts building a car in his garage in his free time. Not any car, but an X Prize car, that gets 100 miles to the gallon. Learn about the real, tangible ways Joe turned a dream into a game-changing auto manufacturing company, building a 100mpg, hot, sexy, sporty, road legal car. He's bringing his latest prototype to Agile2012! Don't miss this awesome story that is now unfolding in its latest, greatest iteration! Check out their current live backlog.

Dr. Sunita Maheshwari: Adventures of an Accidental Entrepreneur. A High Tech Teleradiology Venture from India




“My title is Chief Dreamer! As a doctor cum entrepreneur, my journey has been a rollercoaster but through it I learnt the power of innovating continuously, of sticking it out and of dreaming.....”

Dr. Sunita Maheshwari received her MBBS training at Osmania University. Following this she trained in Pediatrics and Pediatric Cardiology at Yale University in Connecticut. She was the winner of the Young Clinician Award from the American Heart Association and the Best Teacher Award at Yale University. She returned to India in 1999 and is currently a Senior Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist and Head of the Department at Narayana Hrudayalaya in Bangalore.

Apart from her medical clinical work she is a medical entrepreneur and in 2002 she helped set up Teleradiology Solutions, a one of its kind health care IT company that provides teleradiologic interpretations to hospitals in the US, Singapore, Georgia, Puerto Rico and now in remote areas of India.  She is active in the social arena in India where she runs 2 trust funds. People4people puts up playgrounds in poorer sections of Karnataka and funds activities for children. Telrad Foundation provides teleradiology services to poor areas in Asia that do not have access to high quality medical reports.

She is a doctor, entrepreneur and a socially active human being and was nominated as one of the top 20 women health care achievers in India.

Adventures of an Accidental Entrepreneur. A High Tech Teleradiology Venture from India. The Keynote presentation will trace the journey of a one-man, one-room company in India started by a Doctor without a job, to its present status as the number 1 nationally ranked teleradiology company in the United States. Lessons learnt along the way of this unlikely journey are lessons for all entrepreneurs and employees. The convergence of technology and healthcare is brought alive in this session by a Yale trained Pediatric Cardiologist turned India based health care entrepreneur.


Robert Sutton: Scaling up Excellence


For nearly 20 years, Robert Sutton has been developing a simple core message: that long-term performance depends on having some good ideas and then implementing them. With his research, his award-winning books and his lectures, Bob has been building an evidence-based management movement that brings together the worlds of management practice and rigorous research in ways that enriches both.

Robert I. Sutton is Professor of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University; co-leads Stanford's Center for Work, Technology and Organization, is a faculty member in the Stanford Technology Ventures Program and a co-founder and active member of the new "d.school," a multi-disciplinary program that teaches and spreads "design thinking." Sutton is also an IDEO Fellow.

Bob’s message is that turning sound ideas into action is the key to improving performance and his work shows how to make that happen. A genial, accessible and articulate speaker, Bob has consulted to companies and teaches executives and other professionals in Stanford’s professional education program. He has published over 90 articles and chapters in scholarly and applied publications and seven books and edited volumes. His research and opinions are often described in the press, and he has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows.

Scaling-Up Excellence. Mindsets, Decisions, and Principles In the opening Keynote, Professor Sutton will dig into the lessons that he and Stanford college Hayagreeva Rao are learning about spreading excellence from people and places that have it to those that don’t. He begins by showing that scaling depends on instilling and spreading a mindset, not just growing a big footprint as fast as you can. He then turns to key scaling choice points, including the trade-offs between more versus better, the decision to do things alone versus with others, and whether to insist on strict replication versus allowing local variations in what is scaled and how it spread. His then turns to principles for helping leaders and other influencers spread excellence. These include stoking a hot cause, acting first to believe later, subtracting cognitive load, engaging all the senses, connecting people and cascading excellence, and bad is stronger than good. Sutton will illustrate his points with peer reviewed studies and diverse examples including the rise of Facebook, Starbuck’s missteps, the spread of charter schools, the governance of pirate ships, and something called “the watermelon offensive” at Stanford University.

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