No-Bull Know-How Stage

Built Around Your Questions

If you need grounded, practical, no-nonsense ideas, solutions, and insights specifically tailored to your particular area of concern -- this is the stage for you.

No-Bull Know-How bridges the gap between introductory sessions and advanced sessions, focusing on specific, real-time questions, challenges, dilemmas, and issues that attendees bring to the conference.

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Stage mechanics

  1. Registered attendees may submit a questions to the No-Bull experts below. Limit: one question per presenter.  Make sure your question is on the topic the presenter is discussing. 
  2. Each presenter will aggregate questions into themes and then use those themes as discussion points.
  3. Each session is a 90-minute block, with the following timings
  • 10-minute introduction
    • Rules and speaker introduction by facilitator
    • Overview of current interest by speaker
  • 70-minutes for the session)
    • There will be six 10-minute blocks where people who submitted questions that have been selected by the speaker are invited to join the speaker on the stage to have a discussion about the aggregated theme (yes, you will be on stage with the presenter)
  • 10-minute closing by facilitator.

No-Bull Know-How Speakers

Jim Benson smallTeams Are Made of People!
Personal Kanban for Healthy Self-Organization and Realtime Improvement with Jim Benson

Answering questions like, “Why should we focus on the people so much? Isn’t it more important to fill the right roles with the right skills?

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Israel Gat smallIt's the Culture, Stupid, But Don't You Dare Touch It
with Israel Gat

Answering questions like, “Isn’t adopting agile all about changing the culture?”

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ronchet-small.jpgThe Nature of Software Development
Getting Twenty Pounds of Fantasy Into a Five Pound Bag of Reality. The Secret isn't Estimation, It's Choice! with Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson

Answering questions like, “When do fantasy and reality most often collide on software projects?”

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Elisabeth_Hendrickson small

Testing As We Go
Perspectives on Testing as part of Done with Elisabeth Hendrickson

Answering questions like, “Doesn’t going agile mean that software development doesn’t need Testers anymore?”

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Robert_Martin small

or "The Only Way to Go Fast is to Go Well." with Robert Martin

Answering questions like, “Why should I invest in strengthening my programming skills, and where do I start?”

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Derek Neighbors small

Cultivating Innovation for the 21st Century Workplace
with Derek Neighbors

Answering questions like, “What are the hallmarks of a new economy and how does it affect team members or managers?”

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Linda_Rising small

A Learningful Life
Staying Relevant and Agile in High Tech with Linda Rising

Answering questions like, “What kinds of learning will keep me relevant?”

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Jeff_Sutherland small

It's All About Teamwork
Getting a Team to Turn Into a High-Performing Engine and Having More Fun in the Process with Jeff Sutherland

Answering questions like, “What’s the most high performing team you ever saw? How did you know?”

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