It's the Culture, Stupid, But Don't You Dare Touch It

About Israel Gat


Israel Gat is a Cutter Consortium Fellow and Director of the Agile Product & Project Management practice. Israel’s executive career spans top technology companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Digital, and EMC. As the architect of the agile transformation at BMC Software, Israel was presented with an Innovator of the Year Award from Application Development Trends in 2006.

Israel currently splits his time between consulting and writing, focusing on technical debt, large-scale implementations of lean software methods and agile business service management (“devops”).

In addition to publishing with Cutter and the IEEE, he wrote an e-book, The Concise Executive Guide to Agile, and he posts frequently at The Agile Executive and tweets as agile_exec.  Israel holds a PhD in computer science and an MBA. 

Example Questions for Israel

  • Why does organizational culture matter?
  • Isn’t adopting agile all about changing the culture? 
  • What does culture have to do with technical debt or devops? 
  • How have your experiences as an executive made you think about culture change? 
  • When is the right time to think about culture?

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