It's All About Teamwork

Getting a Team to Turn Into a High-Performing Engine and Having More Fun in the Process

About Jeff Sutherland

Jeff Sutherland

Jeff started the first Scrum at Easel Corporation in 1993 and worked with Ken Schwaber to formally define Scrum in a paper at OOPSLA'95. Together, the Co-Creators of Scrum extended, scaled, and distributed Scrum at thousands of companies worldwide.

Example Questions for Jeff

  • Why aren’t all teams hyperproductive? 
  • What’s fun got to do with work performance? 
  • What first three steps should a new team take to move toward high performance? 
  • My manager wants performance metrics, what team performance measures do you use? How can you tell when a team is becoming more productive?
  • What’s the most high performing team you ever saw and how did you know?

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