User Experience Stage

This is the stage for everybody passionate about building products that delight their customers. User Experience practices will help your agile team discover, build and deliver the right product — putting the customer at the heart of every decision.

This year we are especially excited to show you some of the ways Agile and User Experience practices are being combined in the Lean Startup and Lean UX communities — driving the iterative discovery and development of new products.

The stage brings together practical and theoretical sessions from some of the best practitioners in the field. You’ll find something in every session to make your team more effective and your customer happier.

Questions this stage will attempt to answer:

  • How do you discover what users really want?
  • How can you drive the iterative discovery of new products?
  • How can generative user research be integrated with agile projects?
  • How can an agile team sustain a long-term product vision?
  • How do UX practices help agile teams build better products?
  • How do you put practical UX skills into the hands of the whole team?
  • How do you deal with the challenges of UX work on your agile team?
  • What are UX practitioners doing to enchance real world agile projects?

Review Team

Stage Producer: Adrian Howard,  Quietstars
Stage Co-Producer: Eewei Chen,  British Sky Broadcasting
Review Team:

  • Darci Dutcher,  ThoughtWorks
  • Anna Forss,  TUI Nordic
  • Angela Martin,  MetService, New Zealand
  • Jeff Gothelf,
  • Jeff Patton,
  • David Bland,  BigVisible Solutions
  • Richard Muscat,  Red Gate
  • Jon Boardman,  Red Gate 
  • Miriam Walker, Freelancing
  • Jill Irving, Thoughtworks

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